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Clooz 3  
by Ancestral Systems LLC

Clooz 3 Training Videos

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Getting Started with Clooz Series (version 3)

Introduction to Clooz
25MB (2:30 min)
The Main Window
33.9MB (4:45 min)
The Search Toolbar
35MB (6:44 min)
Source Documents Part 1: Sources
46MB (10:29 min)
Source Documents Part 2: Documents
46MB (9:50 min)
Working with People
23MB (5:38 min)
Working with Other Databases
51MB (13:43 min)
Automatic Updating
14MB (3:45 min)
Composite View (3.2)
50MB (8:12 min)
Document Export to Legacy (3.3)
150MB (26:30 min)
Media Location Tool (3.3)
60MB (6:26 min)

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